3D printed Makers Mask

3D printed Makers Mask,

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3D printed Makers Mask,
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11 hours ago (edited)
Thanks for doing great work to create & share the Makers Mask. Can you add an exhalation filter?
I am concerned that without an exhalation filter, this design is dangerous. We may not know if we are infected before we are infecting others.

Abigail Friedel
1 week ago
Great response to a much-felt market need! Well done! Virginia F.

Arron Bates
5 days ago
the mask looks great… but… where are the files to print?
Ilya Tsaryuk
5 days ago (edited)
Looks like this respirator has no exhalation filter? Are you designed it based on the assumption that COVID-19 is not airborne? It might be wrong. I like the design of this respirator, but it needs an option for an exhalation filter.



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