3D printed parts during the COVID-19 pandemic

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According to the FDA,” Health care providers should-Check the 3D-printed mask‘s seal for leaks, Confirm that they can breathe through any makeshift filter materials, Exercise caution in surgical environments where the need for liquid barrier protection and flammability is a concern. Recognize that the mask may not provide air filtration enough to prevent transmission of infectious agents.
Safely dispose of infectious materials and disinfect any part they intend to reuse.”

Accessories, Components, and Parts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

3D Printed Surgical Mask Ear Savers

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According to Jimmy Shaw’s Tidbits, “Nearly a month ago I was asked by a friend to print these Surgical Mask Ear Savers for 2 of her family members who work in the nursing industry. The singe request slowly grew over the following weeks. Since then I have been approached by many friends and family wanting this same model printed.

This was something I was honored to do for them. So far I have printed well over 1,000 ear savers and my friend Josh has been helping out with over 275 of them.

Please if you have the ability to print these, support your friends and family who are wearing these surgical masks. after 2 days of wear, just having them around your ears hurt. These are such an amazing help.”