3D printing is cost-effective for our dental requirements.

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3D Printing Done Right – How SmileDirectClub (NASDAQ:SDC) Gives a Better and Cost-Effective Dental Service.

3D printed chocolate creation for you only.

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3D printed chocolate creation with Print2Taste printers.

More Than Shape 3D Prints Chocolate to Offer New Taste Experiences.

National grant for 3D printing.

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According to Bizjournals,¨ Dr. Sanna Siddiqui, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Florida Poly, received a nearly $150,000 grant from the National Science Foundation on Tuesday. She will lead efforts to research the durability and longevity of 3D-printed, nickel-based materials used in jet and rocket engines.¨

Florida Poly receives national grant to study 3D-printed rocket parts.

A patent for 3D printing using resin.

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The Bison 3D printer is helpful to print objects using Virtolite, Ferrolite, and other kinds of resin materials.

Bison 1000 DLP Printer – TETHON 3D.

Tethon 3D Obtains Key Ceramic 3D Printing Patent.

Free Sample 3D Printed Part.

Tethon 3D announces composite resin 3D printing patent.

3D printed house printed by water-impermeable material.

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According to co-founder of Printed Farms Jim Ritter and Fredrik Wannius,¨The closed shell construction system produces a hurricane-, flood-resistant building taking sheet rock out of the walls and using an almost water-impermeable print material.
The material arrives in super sacks and is loaded into a silo. The material is mixed [in the system] with water and pumped into the hopper of the 3D printer.¨

Are you ready for a 3D-printed house? They’re cheaper, stronger and long-lasting, developers say.