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Powering the future with ChatGPT’s 3D Printed creations.

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“Clippy” was a virtual assistant introduced by Microsoft in 1997 to assist users in its Office suite, while Clippy was eventually discontinued.
With recent 3D printing and natural language processing advancements, Clippy is powered by AI technology like ChatGPT. Clippy can respond to user inquiries in real-time using advanced language models like GPT-3.

Combining the nostalgia of Clippy with the power of AI, a 3D-printed and ChatGPT-powered Clippy could offer users a unique and engaging way to interact with their devices, whether it’s answering questions or providing guidance, or just offering a friendly greeting.


Clippy’s Back — 3D Printed and Powered by ChatGPT.

Innovative movable 3D-Printed sensors

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3D-printed revolving devices that can sense how they are moving would likely be equipped with sensors that detect changes in motion and orientation. These sensors could include accelerometers, gyroscopes, or magnetometers, among others.

The device could track its position, speed, and orientation to respond in real time to environmental changes. For example, a 3D-printed revolving device equipped with these sensors could adjust its movement to avoid barriers, maintain balance, or perform specific tasks based on its position and orientation.

3D Printing technology could have multiple applications in robotics, automation, and even virtual reality. It’s exciting to see how advancements in 3D printing and sensor technology enable new possibilities for intelligent, responsive devices.


3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving.