3D printed rocket Terran 1.

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This 3D printed rocket is heading into space in 2022.

3D printed artwork ´NeoMasters.´

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According to UCL researchers, ¨They are using a combination of X-rays, AI, and 3D-printing. The 3D printing the artwork on canvas, to the exact size of the original painting, using the stylised piece and the heightmap.
The UCL researchers’ reproductions, called ‘NeoMasters’, are conducted through a company they co-founded called Oxia Palus and have so far recreated two other paintings for exhibition.¨

AI Used to Reproduce Lost Picasso Nude.

AI expediting 3D printing materials.

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As mentioned by Mike Foshey, a mechanical engineer and project manager in the Computational Design and Fabrication Group (CDFG) of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), and co-lead author of the paper, “Materials development is still very much a manual process. A chemist goes into a lab, mixes ingredients by hand, makes samples, tests them, and comes to a final formulation. But rather than having a chemist who can only do a couple of iterations over a span of days, our system can do hundreds of iterations over the same time span.¨

MIT Uses AI To Accelerate the Discovery of New Materials for 3D Printing.

Industrial transformation in research, from Clay tablets to 3D Printing.

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Technology changes according to demand. Before the evolution of writing in on clay tablets and then inventions of papyrus, Wax tablets with Stylus and Parchment paper from the report to 3D Printing, technology is improved so much to express words in different forms of the attributes. It is an easy way to preserve our knowledge through 3D Printing.
Industrial transformation in research is essential to figure out the vital features from writing to 3D Printing.
3D Printing has a multi-sided platform. It is beneficial for both sides, such as for 3D printer owners, customers, designers, advertisers, etc.
It is more attractive and valuable for designers and customers.

3D Printing timeline.

The Complete History of 3D Printing: From 1980 to 2021.

Free 3D Printed bottle openers for Super Bowl in San Francisco.

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Autodesk Giving Free 3D Printed bottle openers for Super Bowl in San Francisco.

Autodesk is inviting visitors at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, from February​ 3-5, 2016​ from 2-4​ pm to customize and 3D print a keychain for free. Visitors can customize a keychain in the form of a megaphone, bottle opener, helmet, football, or foam finger. The customization is using Autodesk Fusion 360.  Autodesk Gallery will be open for visitors from February​ 1-5​, from 11​ am​ to​ 6​ pm daily in celebration of the game.


3D Printing Market Size, Share 2023

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According to Global 3D Printing Metal Materials Market report,¨ 2020 has brief analysis and full-scale proposition of market segment, size, share, sectional analysis, and revenue forecast to 2023. The report fact on the essential aspects of the 3D Printing Metal Materials market on both global and regional scales. It presents an analysis of market factors, industry trends, market dynamics, leading players, and their limitations. Moreover, the 3D Printing Metal Materials market includes sales channels, distributors, traders, dealers, research findings, conclusion, appendix, and data source.¨

3D Printing Metal Materials Market Size, Share 2020 Global Industry Leading Players Update, Gross Margin Analysis, Development History, Business Prospect and Industry Research Report 2023

3D printing bone with living cells.

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3D printing bone with living cells. The ink is made up of Calcium phosphate and the technique is called ´Ceramic omnidirectional bioprinting in cell suspensions or (COBICS).´
According to a bioengineer at UNSW’s School of Chemistry, Dr. Iman Roohani, “In contrast to previous materials, our technique offers a way to print constructs in situ which mimic the structure and chemistry of the bone. The opportunities are limitless.”

According to associate Professor Kristopher Kilian, ¨This produces a dry material that is then brought into a clinical setting or in a laboratory, where they wash it profusely and then add living cells to it.¨

The research is published in ´Advanced Functional Materials

3D Printing Bone Directly Into the Body

Synthetic Bone‐Like Structures Through Omnidirectional Ceramic Bioprinting in Cell Suspensions

Colorful 3D printed images.

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According to Anne Arnold, the researcher who led the development of ArtSea Inks and Materials, “We’ve matched this expertise with the concept of 3D printing so we could, for example, develop a novel 3D printed human tissue array to study how harmful microbial pathogens can affect the tissue. An example of such a pathogen is Bacillus anthracis, the causative agent of anthrax and influenza.¨

Full Color and Grayscale Painting with 3D Printed Low-Index Nanopillars.

A colorful, sustainable solution for 3D printing.

3D printed electric motor design.

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As mentioned by Shanelle Foster, an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering, “My research will disrupt conventional motor design paradigms and allow motor designers to ‘reimagine’ electric motors. There is little understanding of how 3D-printing technologies can enhance the design of electric motors.”

Shanelle Foster: Creating innovative and green electric motor designs.

MSU professor develops green motors using 3D printing.