3D printed treatment in plastic surgery.

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As mentioned by Iain Whitaker, chairman of plastic surgery at the university’s medical school,¨Girls like to tie their hair up and pierce their ears and to have two matching ears will be a positive thing.
The £2.5m study at Swansea University will use human cells and plant-based materials to rebuild ears and noses in a lab, which they say will eliminate scarring.
Successful translation of this research programme will transform the future of surgery, removing the need to transfer tissue from one part of the body to another and avoid the associated pain and scarring,” said Iain Whitaker, chairman of plastic surgery at the university’s medical school.¨

Swansea: 3D printed ear would ‘transform’ girl’s life.

3D printing companies collaboration.

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Based on Yahoo Finance News,¨Hyperion to collaborate with EOS GmbH, the global leader for industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics, to deploy low-to-zero carbon titanium metal powders using its breakthrough HAMR and GSD technologies.¨

Hyperion Collaborates With Global 3D Printing Leader EOS.

Hyperion Collaborates With Global 3D Printing Leader EOS.

3D printing patent for printing tool.

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According to University of North Florida news, Dr. Steve Stagon, University of North Florida mechanical engineering associate professor, ¨has received a U.S. patent for a tool that will revolutionize manufacturing, a 3D printing injection mold tool with improved heat transfer and mechanical strength. This coating technology can save manufacturing businesses time, money and reduce plastic waste.¨

UNF professor receives US manufacturing patent for 3D printing mold tool.

UNF professor receives US manufacturing patent for 3D printing mold tool.

3D printed injection mold tool with improved heat transfer and mechanical strength.

3D printing composite and economy.

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3D printers are using composite materials so they can reduce the cost. This kind of printer is designed to make replacement parts.
In the future, these technologies can reduce the cost.

On the authority of Yahoo finance News, ¨3D printing of fiber-reinforced polymers is rapidly approaching a commercial tipping point. This is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and impactful areas of 3D printing; over the next decade the market will grow to $2 billion, the installed base and applications will expand, and technology will continue to mature.¨

3D Printing Composites Will be a $2 billion Industry Within the Next Decade, Says IDTechEx.

3D printed home using concrete.

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As mentioned by James Isaacs and Adam Cardwell, they are the co-owners of Dream Co. construction,¨They researched 3D printing houses for nearly three years before partnering with Apis Corp.
It’s basically a large-scale version of those small 3D printers, and instead of using a plastic material, it uses a concrete material.
Even though their construction business only started last year, on Tuesday, July 20, Isaacs and Cardwell celebrated a huge milestone.
We got done printing on it. We have not finished the home yet so within the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling an exciting project, so people can come in and actually walk through it and learn a little bit more about it.¨

Construction company 3D printing new homes in the Ozarks.

3D printed materials suitable for performing surgery.

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The Commonwealth scientific and industrial research organisation has developed materials such as titanium and polymer suitable for 3D printing medical parts.

As mentioned in CSIRO´s article,¨The titanium and polymer sternum replacement was designed by Anatomics and was modelled exactly to CT scans of the patient. We 3D printed the sternum then Anatomics added the polymer. It was then shipped to the United Kingdom where a surgical team implanted the sternum in the British man.¨

CSIRO develops silicone resins suitable for 3D printing medical parts.

Bone, cartilage and tissue; we’ve cracked the trifecta (and it’s made of titanium and plastic).

3D printing in-car technology.

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As specified by Volkswagen,¨ they developed an evolution of the 3D printing tech which it calls binder jetting. Compared to conventional 3D printing, which uses a laser to build a component layer by layer, the binder jetting process uses an adhesive, which, results in lighter and cheaper to produce components.¨

VW to use 3D printing in car production within the next years.

3D printed home in Arizona.

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As explained by Shawn Shivers,¨The walls are all 3D printed. No wood, and everything is going to be energy efficient. We’re going to have solar panels. It will be good for summers and electric bills.¨

Habitat for Humanity’s first 3D printed home being built in Arizona.