Prof Marc in het Panhuis explains 4D printing

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University of Wollongong Australia, Prof Marc in het Panhuis explains 4D printing help the future of design.:)


3D-printed toothbrush

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3D-printed toothbrush

Blizzident is making 3d printed toothbrush.

This toothbrush is 3D printed and material is soft and we can use this material it is safe according to Blizzident.

3d printed toothbrush cleans teeth in six seconds.
When using the Blizzident for the first couple of times, its a good idea to practice in front of a mirror.

By biting the brush using what dentists describe as a “sub gingival bass technique” technique, users clean the space underneath the gums as well as other hard-to-reach regions including the wisdom teeth.

According to Blizzident,Tooth brushing time is just 6 seconds. Conventional brushing and flossing takes 10 minutes per day Blizzident brushing and flossing takes just about one minute per day.

Thus you even save about 50 hours per year – more than a working week.

If we order from dentist, it will be more expensive around 400 US$.

Depends on  what city.

tailored Blizzident costs 99.- Euro / US$.

The one-time design/tailoring fee is 99.- Euro / US$.
A replacement costs just 49.- (in a pack of 3).
Family rebates are available.

The current delivery time is ca. 8 weeks.

Blizzident recommend replacing it with a new Blizzident toothbrush every 12 months (after they tailored a Blizzident to your teeth, replacement Blizzidents cost only a fraction of the price of a new one, and they can be sent to you automatically). 🙂

HP and Materialise: Analyzing 3D Printing Innovation

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HP and Materialise: Analyzing 3D Printing Innovation


HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere every person, every organization, and every community around the globe.

Bob Jones, Executive VP of global sales, marketing and services for Siemens PLM Software.

Digitalization is changing our daily lives, transforming entire industries and revolutionizing the global economy. The products we use every day, how they are produced and the enterprises that produce them will be dramatically changed by digitalization.

Siemens uses additive manufacturing for industrial production and we provide market-leading software and production automation solutions for our customers. Siemens manufacturing divisions are already making breakthroughs in the areas of designing components with performance-enhancing complex internal geometry that can only be 3D printed, dramatically reducing lead-time.


3D printed product( The Lion)

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3D printed product( The Lion)


We all have a different opinion about how we can make Lion with the help of the 3D printer.

We all love 3D printing or some of us just want to enjoy.
The main thing is that that will be the next product anybody can make.

This is about only 3D printing.

We can use any material, any color we want. We can blow dry Lion’s hair we like.

Most important thing is we are trying to make a product. This is something like kids play with dough. 🙂