3D printing company $2 Billion.

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According to Max Lobovsky, CEO and co-founder of Formlabs, “The industry is undergoing a renaissance and Formlabs is leading the way. The 3D printing industry market size is expected to reach $51.77 billion by 2026, and Formlabs is the company to drive this growth forward. Where others have promised printers capable of mass production and end-use quality parts, Formlabs has delivered.
Today, most 3D printing technology is still too expensive and difficult to use for widespread adoption. Our laser focus on improving the user experience and quality of these machines while bringing down the cost is central to our success and the growth of the industry. With this investment, we plan to expand our current portfolio of SLA and SLS technology and accelerate our product development to continue delivering on the expectations of the 3D printing industry.¨

Formlabs Doubles $2 Billion Valuation with Close of $150 Million Series E Led By SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

Formlabs raises $150M.

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