Request a free 3D print sample part

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Request a free 3D print sample part.

Please read our policies before requesting the sample:)
According to the Formlabs, “stereolithography (SLA) print process, and see how Formlabs prints compare to parts made from an extrusion-based fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer:

Form 1+ is a stereolithography 3D printer. Today, we’re going to look at how it works and put it to the test against parts from an extrusion-based machine.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the printer. When we open up the light blocking cover, we can see a build platform inside. This metal plate is where the parts are made.

Underneath the build platform is a liquid resin tank. This clear window gives the ultraviolet laser a path to cure the resin.

To start a print, we’ll upload a file, and fill up the resin tank to the indicator line. You can see the laser passing back and forth inside, hardening the liquid plastic.

Now, We’ll take our print out and wash it in rubbing alcohol to get the excess resin off. The flower comes with supports on it, and we’ll snip them off to finish the piece.

Stereolithography is known for producing extreme detail, with layers down to four times finer than a human hair.

The Form 1+ lets us take advantage of a library of materials, so we made some other parts to show what these resins can do.

A Castable Resin gives jewelers and engineers an inexpensive way to produce metal parts. This Flexible Resin is great for simulating different textures and as we can see, this Tough Resin and can really take a hit”.


Request a free sample part



DSM’s partnership with 3D printing technology leader Stratasys

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According to Hugo da Silva, VP of Additive Manufacturing at DSM, “From the high-performance demands of automotive and aerospace industries to the durability and flexibility requirements of consumer goods, customers worldwide rely on Solos materials to create the highest-performing additive manufacturing prototypes and tools. Stratasys’ entrance into the stereolithography segment is really a game-changer for the industry. Our collaboration allows customers to have greater access and flexibility for development of durable and reliable prototypes and tooling using stereolithography 3D printing.”

Dr. 3 D Printer (Why 3d printed Stratasys Direct Manufacturing department  )

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Dr. 3 D Printer (Why 3d printed Stratasys Direct Manufacturing department  )


In our Dr. 3D Printer series, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing department is explaining why we should start loving 3d printing. 3D printings important department around for 27 years.

Thinking about any new idea. The main part of the idea is,” will it work”?

Stratasys specialists are like a team of Doctors in the health area.
3D printing,” Direct Manufacturing department” is explaining why we should go to listen to their advice.

They have solutions throughout the product development and manufacturing life cycle to complement your in-house capabilities, including conventional manufacturing, testing new additive technologies or materials, master pattern production, finishing and more.

If you have a dream idea for any product 3D
Printing Services can fulfill that idea for you using any of these materials.:)

PolyJet, Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM),

Laser Sintering,

Direct Metal Laser Sintering,

Urethane Casting,

CNC Machining,

Tooling and Injection Molding,

Finishing and Assembly

In few years we are going to use 3d printers as common as like we use our cell phones. 🙂