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3D printed house in Dutch.

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According to Professor Theo Salet of the Eindhoven University of Technology,¨ this is the driving force behind Project Milestone, which is more relevant than ever before due to the housing crisis. Printing a wall is one thing, but producing a complete house is a different kettle of fish. An interview with an impassioned man: “We are facing an unprecedented challenge.¨

Printing our way out of the housing crisis: ‘it is desperately needed’

3D-printed home in Dutch city expands housing options.

3D-concrete printing housing project

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According to the city of Eindhoven (The Netherlands), “The municipality of Eindhoven, Eindhoven University of Technology and the companies Van Wijnen, Vesteda, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix and Witteveen + Bos are the project partners that will take care of this. The realization of the first of five planned 3D-printed concrete houses will start this year. The project is the world’s first commercial housing project based on 3D-concrete printing. The houses will all be occupied, they will meet all modern comfort requirements, and they will be purchased and let out by a real estate company”.:)