Audi 3D prints iconic racer replica

Audi 3D prints Grand Prix Racer

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Audi has used 3D printing to produce a scaled model of a historical Grand Prix racer Auto Union Type C, from 1936.  Audi 3D printed different pieces of the model and assembled the car.  Audi used a 3d printer that uses aluminum or steel powder.  The 3D printer uses a laser to melt the metal powder.  Layers and layers of the metal powder are melted to form parts of the car.  This process allows the creation of parts having complex geometries that are very difficult to produce using conventional manufacturing techniques.  With the technology, the 3D printer can produce objects up to 24 cm long and 20 cm high.

Audi is looking forward to using this technology for mass production.  According to Dr. Hubert Waltl, head of toolmaking for the Volkswagen group shown in the picture below driving the replica car, “We are constantly exploring the boundaries of new processes.  One of our goals is to apply metal printers in series production.”

Mark Lelinwalla, Tech Times .

Audi 3D prints iconic racer replica.

Audi Shows Off 3D-Printed Grand Prix Car Based On 1936 Model.