PLEASURES x Zellerfeld unveil the futuristic 3D tank shoe

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The PLEASURES 3D Tank Shoe collaborated with Zellerfeld to create this unique footwear design. The shoe takes inspiration from chunky loafers and incorporates elements commonly seen in PLEASURES’ lookbooks.

The notable features of the PLEASURES 3D Tank Shoe include a ridged sole and one-piece construction, which are characteristics often found in 3D-printed footwear. 3D printing technology allows for greater design freedom and enables the creation of intricate and unconventional shoe structures.

This collaboration between PLEASURES and Zellerfeld showcases how fashion brands can embrace innovative manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, to push the boundaries of design and create distinctive products.

PLEASURES’ First 3D-Printed Shoe Is an ‘Evangelion’ Reference.

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