General Atomics and Divergent technologies’ new partnership to cut time and cost.

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General Atomics is a San Diego-based company specializing in advanced technology solutions for various industries, including defense, energy, and nuclear power. Some notable products and services include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), nuclear reactors, and electromagnetic systems.

Divergent Technologies is a Los Angeles-based startup focused on developing advanced manufacturing technologies, particularly for the automotive industry. Their proprietary “Divergent Manufacturing Platform” technology uses 3D printing and other techniques to produce lighter, more efficient vehicle parts. General Atomics and Divergent Technologies are hardware and software companies that use 3D printing tech. Divergent uses lightweight and high-strength materials to make complex structure applications.

This kind of material is beneficial to make machinery for auto manufacturing. General Atomics makes applications for defense and aerospace.
Having a partnership can benefit both companies. They can have the advantage of creating 3D models with CAD and 3D printing technology.
The partnership will create a modern, quick application that will reduce costs.

on February 15, 2023 at 5:06 PM

General Atomics signs 3D printing agreement with automotive-focused startup Divergent.

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