3D Printing health and wellness solutions.

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As mentioned by Philipp Jung, global head of orthotic solutions at HP and general manager of Arize, HP’s new orthotics solution, “3D printing excels at personalization and customization. And there’s nothing more personal than the human body.”

A Perfect Fit: How 3D Printing Is Shaping a New Era of Customized Care.

3D Printing startup is closing new financing.

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3D Printing startup is closing new financing for 3D printing. Chromatic 3D Materials is using industrial-grade elastomeric materials.

According to CEO of Chromatic Dr. Cora Leibig, “I’m so excited to welcome Embedded Ventures not only to our financing team, but also as a member of our board of directors. They have a clear understanding of what it takes not only to develop deep technology, but to propel that technology into a successful business.”

Chromatic 3D Materials Announces Close of New Financing Round.

3D Printed micro-structure from alloys.

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As mentioned by Raiyan Seede is a Ph.D. student in the Material science department, “Our original challenge was making sure there are no pores in the printed parts because that’s the obvious killer for creating objects with enhanced mechanical properties.
the microstructure of alloys has more control over the properties of the final printed object at a much finer scale than before.”

Process Invented for ‘Flawless’ Metal 3D Printing.

Fun 3D printer for kids.

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As mentioned in an article from Fabbaloo, MakerGear says,” “This 3D printed 3D printer is designed to be a fun and easy-to-build open source project for anyone and everyone! With so many of our customers being in education, we set out to create the perfect tool for STEM education that not only encourages students to use theirschool’ss 3D printers but also helps them better understand the mechanics and technology behind them.”

MakerGear’s New Micro Kit for Kids.

3D Printings expansion.

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As mentioned in the Yahoo Finance article and President of TPM Chris Fay’s explanation, “We are beyond thrilled to launch this new lab in our Charlotte, NC location. As our company looks to serve the Southeast region in a broader capacity, it was critical that we brought all our 3D technology into one place so that our customers and prospects could truly evaluate what is best for their businesses.”

TPM Announces Opening of Expanded 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Lab in Charlotte, NC.