3D printing for educators.

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Thingiverse Helps Make 3D Printing Easy for Student Beginners.

3D printing is generating Revenue in Billions.

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3D printing is generating Revenue in Billions. In my opinion, we are using 3D printing more than before. Nowadays, companies are using 3d printing with thermoplastic polymers as a material for designing things for sports, parts for cars, etc.

3D Printing Materials Market Size to Grow by USD 3.18 bn | 3D Systems Corp. and Arkema Group Among Key Vendors | Technavio

3D printed plant-based tech food.

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3D printed plant-based tech food is a requirement nowadays for people who need to have alternate food. Some of us have food-based allergies, and it is hard to find choice food sometimes.

Enabling the Meat 2.0 Food Revolution

Mooji is 3D printing plant-based meat

3D printed flexible reef blocks.

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3D printed flexible reef blocks. After publishing research in 2018 about how coral reefs can safeguard from the sea because the water level is rising.
Global warming is increasing, and research is speeding up to protect our environment.
3D printing is helping to protect our earth.

Improving coral reef restoration with 3D printing.

3D printing for semiconductor chip designing

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3D printing for the semiconductor chip can be helpful for supply and demand. Applying 3D printing will be a future need for chip-making.

How 3D Printing Can Help Relieve the Semiconductor Chip Shortage.

The Carbon nano-tubes using a 3D printer.

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The carbon material is rigid and robust compared to other materials. It is tough, so it can be helpful for well-made tools and fixtures.
So Carbon nanotubes can be the solution for making prices low. Otherwise, using Carbon is expensive for industries.

New solvent simplifies industrial 3D, roll-to-roll carbon nanotube printing.