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Earn Money with 3D Printer Series- Own a 3D Printer? Prepare for 3D Print Requests

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Earn Money with 3D Printer Series-

Own a 3D Printer? Prepare for 3D Print Requests

In this era, we have so many new ideas and innovations. In our Earn money series we will try to give new ideas how to make money. We are new for this idea. So please use it carefully. We are sharing this video. This is new technology for several  communities. Thanks. 🙂


Student Straigtens His Own Teeth by 3D Printing His Braces

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Student Straigtens His Own Teeth by 3D Printing His Braces

Amos Dudley, an intern at NJIT used 3D Printer to make his clear braces.  Usually getting work done to straighten your teeth can be quite expensive.  Amos managed to straighten his teeth in $60.

Due to his interesting story, Formlabs, a Massachusetts based company that manufactures 3D  printers offered him a job.  Formlabs was founded in 2011 by Maxim Lobovsky, Natan Linder, and David Cranor of MIT.

According to Lobovsky, founder of Formlabs, “Amos’s work pushes the limits of 3D printing applications.  That kind of inventiveness is exactly what our customers hope to achieve with our products.”


#3D printing on a LARGE scale

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I wouldn’t be much of a sci-fi writer if I didn’t keep up with technology, so I’ve had a love affair with 3D printing since I first heard about it, but the technology is changing so fast, I’m constantly being surprise. This is my surprise for the day:

Those are actual, standard sized structures, printed by huge machines. But, as if that were not surprise enough, the material used to build them is made out of a combination of industrial waste and cement, so it’s recycling on top of everything else.

Colour me gobsmacked.

The video below is an animation of how the process is supposed to work:

The video goes for almost five minutes, but the music is pretty and I couldn’t stop watching. I work with words, ideas and computers, so I’m fascinated by this technology, but I can’t help wondering about those whose jobs will be made…

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3D printer print makeup

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3D printer print makeup

Makeup making companies are the only ones they  prepared all kinds of makeup things. We know they can prepare any makeup for us  they have special equipment’s. But technology is improving and our fashion styles are different so we are using  3D printing. 3D printer can help us for customizing all of those makeup things for us. 🙂