A search engine for 3D models.

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According to Yobi3D,” this is a Search Engine for 3D Models, which allows users to perform the keyword search for 3D models on the Internet. Yobi3D provides a built-in viewer that allows users to see 3D models from different angles using the browser. Users can rotate the 3D model in any direction using the cursor. Users can also zoom in and zoom out, view a wireframe of the object, and go to the website where the model can be downloaded.  Yobi3D has been considered the Google of 3D models.  Advanced search parameters can be specified, for example, minimum or maximum number of vertices, minimum or maximum number of polygons, type of license, file formats, level of difficulty for printing (easy, medium, or hard), and so on.
Yobi3D was founded by Jessy Lee, Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.  Yobi3D is headquartered in Taiwan.¨



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