Yamaha motor racing embraces 3D Printing

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Yamaha Motor Racing has chosen Roboze, an Italian manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, to supply its machines for producing parts for the team’s motorcycles. The partnership is expected to help Yamaha Motor Racing streamline its production processes and reduce lead times for component manufacturing.

Roboze’s 3D printers use high-performance materials, such as carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide, capable of producing solid and lightweight parts that can withstand the demands of high performance racing. The printers are also designed to be reliable and easy to use, allowing for the efficient production of complex parts with tight tolerances.

Yamaha Motor Racing plans to use the Roboze 3D printers to produce parts for its motorcycles, including brackets, gears, and other components. By using 3D printing technology, the team expects to reduce the time and cost required to produce these parts while also improving the performance and reliability of its motorcycles.

Yamaha Motor Racing Chooses 3D Printing.

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