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Velo3D, a California-based metal additive manufacturing (AM) company, has announced the release of Flow 5.0, its latest software update for enhancing the control of 3D printing. The new software optimizes 3D printing for complex metal parts with high precision, accuracy, and repeatability. The software feature-based process library eliminates the need to develop new features, saves months of development reducing, and reduces the need for specialized technicians. The software update includes several new features and improvements, including enhanced gas flow and laser power controls, a new multi-sensor thermal imaging system for in-situ process monitoring, and an updated user interface with improved ease of use ease-of-use.

Flow 5.0 can monitor the temperature of the build plate and the parts being printed in real-time, enabling users to optimize the printing process for the specific material to be used to improve the quality of the printed parts. As Benny Buller, CEO and Founder of Velo3D, mentioned, “Flow 5.0 is a significant leap forward in our mission to enable the production of high-value metal parts for the aerospace, energy, and industrial markets. The new software update gives users greater control and visibility into the printing process, enabling them to produce complex parts with unparalleled precision and repeatability.”

Velo3D’s Flow software is consistent with the company’s Sapphire 3D printing system, which uses a unique non-contact system to print complex geometries with high-quality finishes. The Sapphire system is designed to produce mission-critical parts that require high precision, such as jet engine components, rocket engine parts, and other high-performance industrial applications. Flow 5.0 by Velo3D is a critical step in the metal 3D printing industry, providing users with advanced features and improved control over the printing process. With its advanced thermal imaging and gas flow controls, the new software update will enable users to produce high-value metal parts with unparalleled precision and repeatability.


28 February 2023

Velo3D releases Flow 5.0 for enhancing control of 3D printing.


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