Vader Systems create 3-D Printer For Printing with liquid metal

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According to Professor Edward P. Furlani of the Chemical and Biological Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments of the University at Buffalo, Vader’s process uses a magnetic field to manipulate conductive fluids. The magnetic field creates pressure for squeezing the liquid out of an ejector nozzle, “It’s a transformative technology. It’s a fascinating interdisciplinary engineering. I think its application base will continue to broaden and expand for the foreseeable future.”

According to Chi Zhou, an Assistant Professor at the University of Buffalo, “I can see at this stage that it can complement traditional metal printing, but later, maybe ten years later, it can dominate the metal printing market because it can print better quality, cheaper and faster.”

University of Buffalo student Zack Vader has created a machine that prints three-dimensional objects using liquid metal. Vader’s 3-D printer can make custom knee and hip replacements.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A father and son team in the START-UP NY program has invented a liquid metal printing machine that could significantly transform manufacturing. A breakthrough idea five years ago by former University at Buffalo student Zack Vader, then 19, has created a device that prints three-dimensional objects using liquid metal.



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