Titan Aqua- Water-Cooled 3D Printing from E3D

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The Titan Aqua is a water-cooled 3D printing system from E3D, a company that specializes in high-performance 3D printing components. The Titan Aqua combines the Titan extruder with a water-cooled heat sink, allowing high-speed and high-precision 3D printing. One of the main advantages of the Titan Aqua is its ability to print with a wide range of materials, including high-temperature materials like Nylon and Polycarbonate. The water-cooled heat sink helps keep the extruder cool, allowing for better control over the extrusion process and more consistent printing results. The Titan Aqua also features a compact design, making it easy to integrate into existing 3D printing setups. It is compatible with a wide range of 3D printers and can be used with direct and Bowden-style extruders. The Titan Aqua is a high-performance 3D printing system with several advantages over traditional air-cooled extruders. Its ability to print with a wide range of materials, compact design, and high-speed capabilities make it an excellent choice for professional and industrial 3D printing applications.

According to Sanjay and Rory, as they demonstrate Titan Aqua, a two-in-one water-cooled Hot End and Extruder,” ‘water’ interchangeably with ‘coolant’ indeed, the product description. ‘Well, which is it!?’ they recommend using a water-based coolant with Titan Aqua and the E3D water-cooling kit. You could use plain water, which would work, but it would also go moldy, lime-scaley, and generally gross and gunked up quite quickly. Water-based commercial coolants contain all the anti-fungal salts and distillation the system needs. Plus, they’re often UV-colour tinted, which looks much cooler than boring old transparent H2O.” Also featuring the fully compatible, integrated E3D Water Cooling Kit. Titan has four nozzles with eight thread filament inserts for multi-color multi-threading printing to achieve accurate and high-resolution printing. Upgrade-able up to 4 more powerful stepper drivers running in SLI, and can be overclocked to 2.0 Vref for truly more powerful, faster print. Not to mention, it has RGB lighting.

Titan has the best performance-to-weight ratio at a competitive price and fits perfectly with E3D’s V6 ecosystem. A 3:1 gear ratio, lightweight but with a BIG push, Titan gets its teeth into your filament and won’t let go, improving your prints’ accuracy, speed, resolution, and quality.



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