This 3D printed helmet with cellular structures is perfect for every weather

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The helmet is perfect for ‘SUPER BOWL” and all kind of games.

This 3D printed helmet with cellular structures
is perfect for every weather, because no two people are same.

Hexo spreads the energy from an impact, the peak force is dramatically reduced (compared to foam). And with that, so is your risk of traumatic brain injury.
According to Jamie Cook, and leading material scientist Prof Mark Miodownik’s investigation into materials and structures,
“We need to design for the head’s unique curvature. The only way to make a curved honeycomb structure without distorting the mechanical properties is by 3D printing. Cellular structures have the highest crush strength to weight ratio. That’s a great mechanical property when you’re trying to make a bicycle helmet – which needs to be both safe and lightweight”.
According to Hexo customers, Kiera’s,” journey started with a 3D head scan. Taken quickly and precisely using our app at our London office. The 30,000 point mesh was then sent to our factory, where Kiera’s helmet was built.
They tried ‘Helmet’ in different weather conditions in the ‘Morocco’.
They figure it out the plans to work through minor issues with the chin straps and feeling incredibly inspired by the positive feedback on the helmet. A real success”.

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