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The Tsuginote Tea House is a small structure located in Japan that was designed by architects Kei Atsumi and Nicholas Preaud. The tea house is notable for its innovative use of 3D printing technology to create intricate wooden joints that hold the structure together. The tea house is made primarily of wood, with a  distinctive curved roof miming the surrounding hills. The architects used 3D printing technology to create custom joints to achieve the complex angles required for the curved roof. These joints were printed using a particular type of wood-infused filament that is both strong and durable.

3D printing allowed the architects to create the joints quickly and accurately, with minimal waste. It also allowed them to create custom designs that would have been difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional woodworking techniques. The Tsuginote Tea House is intended as a place for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. It is on a hillside overlooking a river, with views of the nearby mountains. The tea house is part of a larger complex with a garden and a hot spring. It is intended to be a peaceful retreat where visitors can connect with nature and experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

The Tsuginote Tea House is an impressive example of how 3D printing technology can create innovative and sustainable architectural designs. It shows how new technologies can combine with traditional materials and techniques to create something unique and beautiful.

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Kei Atsumi + Nicholas Preaud’s Tsuginote Tea House features 3D printed wooden joints  John’s Architecture Blog.

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‘tsuginote tea house’: reimagining traditional japanese joinery with 3D printing technology.



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