The AnkerMake budget-friendly 3D Printer with top-notch performance

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AnkerMake, the 3D printing branch of Anker, is making waves in the 3D printing industry by launching its latest innovation, the AnkerMake M5C. Offering impressive performance at an affordable price, the M5C is designed to cater to beginners and experienced users who seek reliable 3D printing capabilities without breaking the bank. The AnkerMake M5C shares a similar aesthetic with its predecessor, the M5, providing a clean and modern appearance. Removing the AI camera and LED screen contributes to the streamlined design, and all controls are accessible through the user-friendly app.

The M5C features a one-click-button that allows users to assign various automated tasks, such as pausing a print for color change or executing the 49-point leveling process. With multiple tasks programmable using different button actions, it offers convenience and versatility in operation. AnkerMake has equipped the M5C with an all-metal hot end, enabling the use of materials that require higher printing temperatures. This enhancement expands the range of materials that can be utilized with the printer, enhancing its versatility.

The M5C comes with a heated print bed that can reach temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, enabling efficient printing of ABS and other materials requiring a heated bed. Unlike its predecessor, the M5C arrives fully assembled, eliminating the need for complex assembly. This simplifies the setup process and enhances the printer’s stability, resulting in more reliable and accurate prints. The AnkerMake M5C incorporates PowerBoost 2.0 technology, delivering faster print speeds and allowing users to enjoy rapid and efficient printing.


Anker Announces the M5C, a Simplified, More Affordable 3D Printer.

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