3D Printing Jobs (Staramba)

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3D Printing Jobs (Staramba)

According to Staramba you can use your imagination and unique productivity to make 3d models of anything you can imagine.

Staramba is a fast­growing startup in 3D scanning, 3D printing and digital data recovery by celebrities and international stars from the sports, film / TV, music and entertainment. Founded 2014 in Berlin, Staramba with locations in Europe and the US is already the world leader in digital merchandising focused on photo realistic characters (printed and digital) and their utilization.

Our partners include Universal, Disney, DFB, FA, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Arsenal FC, Juventus, Konami.


Contact Person :


Franka Urban
Human Resource Manager


Drugs printed by 3d printer

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Drugs printed by 3d printer


Scientists believe they can print a prescription drug using a 3D printer.  Lee Cronin, a chemistry professor from the University of Glasgow mentioned in his Ted Talk that a 3D printer can assemble chemical compounds at a molecular level. Cronin said, “What Apple did for music, I’d like to do for the discovery and distribution of prescription drugs.”  According to Cronin, users would go to an online drugstore with their digital prescription, buy a “blueprint” and the chemical “ink” they need, and then print the drug at home with software and a 3D molecular printer.



Electroloom: world’s first 3D fabric printer

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Electroloom: world’s first 3D fabric printer


Electroloom is the world’s first 3D fabric printer.  Electroloom is based on an electrospinning process.  In this process one can create a design using CAD, put the design in Electroloom and create the custom fabric. This is on demand fabric design with CAD.

Electroloom is located in San Francisco, California.