The World’s Largest 3D-Printed Neighborhood Is Here.

The largest 3D-printed neighborhood

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Most 3D-printed neighborhoods use 3D printing technology to construct homes more efficiently and sustainably, potentially reducing construction costs and increasing building speed. Additionally, we explore the potential impact of 3D-printed homes on the housing industry and the broader implications for the future of construction.

3D printing in construction promises numerous benefits, including energy-efficient homes that can be built faster and more affordably, with novel designs and minimal waste. The concrete structures created through 3D printing are also more resilient to increasingly intense climate-driven hurricanes, wildfires, and heat waves.

If the technology used in the Genesis Collection can scale, it could revolutionize how we approach residential construction. This could lead to more sustainable and resilient housing options for people worldwide.

Five days to build a 3D printed house

The World’s Largest 3D-Printed Neighborhood Is Here