Surgeons Test New Wearable Tech

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According to MSN, and Juliette Goodrich reports, ” Stanford scientist and her team are using smart, wearable technology to help physicians improve the art of surgery. Juliette Goodrich reports.”


Surgeons Test New Wearable Tech to Improve Operating Skills

Surgeons Test New Wearable Tech That Helps Measure Operating Skills

the American College of Surgeons (ACS)

The Technology Enabled Clinical Improvement Center (T.E.C.I. Center)


The first family-centred Makerspace at Palo Alto campus

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According to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Bay Area CEO Annette Eros”By exploring the opportunities the space provides, families can discover new ways to support their own healing during stays at the House”. This is the first family-centered Makerspace at Palo Alto campus.

A Robot Pizza-Making Company Is Silicon Valley’s Latest Obsession

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Zume Pizza, a Silicone Valley-based storeless food delivery startup targeting the San Francisco Bay Area which uses robots to bake its pies, has secured a $48 million investment in its latest VC funding round according to Axios. The company, which uses proprietary trucks to deliver robot-made fresh pizzas to Palo Alto, Stanford and Mountain View, […]

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Blooms: Strobe Animated 3D Printed Sculptures

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Blooms: Strobe Animated 3D Printed Sculptures


According to John Edmark, ” He is an inventor and designer who teaches at Stanford University has designed 3D printed sculptures called blooms that animate when spun and lit by a strobe light. These sculptures can be used to create fascinating animations using a video camera with a fast shutter speed.  The 3D printed sculpture is rotated at a particular speed synchronized with the shutter speed of the video camera that captures a picture every time the object turns by a particular angle.  As a result, fascinating animations are created as shown in the videos below.  These designs are available for printing from Shapeways.  A turntable and a strobe light are needed to animate a bloom.  Generating an animation using a bloom is similar to Zoetrope.  The number of spirals on each sculpture is always Fibonacci numbers.  Therefore these are also called Fibonacci Zoetropes”.:)