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We are proud to have, ‘A Forum for 3D printing experts, lovers and researchers’. 

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Building a map and the ´Mini industry´ for follower friends.

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3D printed House

Building a map and the ´Mini industry´for follower friends.  

Hi everybody, How are you guys? is growing with you and we need to know about your valuable experience with SV3DPrinter. is 5 years old and most of our friend followers are with us for several years. I started, Dec 2014. I have seen a 3D printer somewhere and I loved it. They made a 3D printed ´STAR´.

The star is a logo for my company.

I liked it right away. I decided to use it for my site. 

I think I need to use something else with blogs. I am not sure what?

I try to improve my blog every day, by providing new research about 3D printing.

I made some 3D printing stuff using a 3D printer.

I think if we have a smaller size 3D printer variety, it will be good.

What did you like and what you didn’t like and why?

What should we improve?

If you had any purchase regarding 3d printing what was it?

If you are still using it, what improvement would you want to see in that product?

´Yay´! for our friendship.

opportunity to thank you for reading our articles amidst all the challenges and adversity that was. This will certainly be amazing to remember!

Few things I want to ask you if you get a chance please feel free to share with us.

Please tell us your story about how long you are with

I love hearing from my friends!

We are trying to continue to share articles the same as before.

All the best to all of you,

Thank you so much.


3D Printing technology company awarded £624,000

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3D Printing technology company awarded £624,000, the work is donePUSh™ at the University of Sheffield on the PUSh™ process, which AMT. PUSh™ is an innovative new post-processing finishing process that has been developed by the Advanced Additive Manufacturing (AdAM) Centre at the University of Sheffield.

According to CEO of AMT, Joseph Crabtree, “The Innovate UK funding award is a significant step in the development of the proven PostPro3D™ technology which provides the ‘missing piece’ in the digital manufacturing chain. We are looking forward to working with OEM industrial partners to implement this technology into their 3D Printing digital factories”

As well as Prof Neil Hopkinson, Director of 3D Printing at Xaarjet Ltd, stated, “We are delighted to join the consortium and bring our expertise to developing PostPro3D™. We see this project, in conjunction with High Speed Sintering, as an important step in the development and commercial delivery of industrial 3D Printing.”

According to Atomjet CEO, Rob Harvey, “We are excited to be involved with the project to develop the PostPro3D machine. Our machine building skills are ideally suited to industrial digital manufacturing equipment.”

Sheffield startup AMT leads on advanced 3D Printing tech


The Danish Technological Institute