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Fans of the day *


Would you like to eat iPhone 3D printed ‘Pancake'(3D Printed Food recipe (Chew ))

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Would you like to eat iPhone ‘Pancake’
3D printer to create fun breakfast food designs. Using a combination of compressed air pressure and vacuum suction, it reproduces drawings and designs on a 19 1/4″ L x 10 1/4″ W griddle by strategically dispensing one’s preferred batter.
According to the comments, “Downloaded a jpg then used the Pancake Painter software to trace the logo, setting the darkness level for each segment to give the right appearance. Saved to the SD card, then loaded on the printer. They made a few test pancakes to adjust settings. For the true test, There is photographed the pancake user made and sent it in an e-mail and asked the recipient if the design was identifiable. The answer came back: Pittsburgh Steelers logo. Success! Besides, the pancakes tasted good, too. Give yourself plenty of time. The process is not speedy. Part of the attraction is watching the pancake printer dispense the batter to give the shades you want based on the length of time the batter is on the grill. I’m anxious to cook it up when the kids come for breakfast”:)


    How to 3D printed Copy Any Object

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    How to 3D print copy any object. According to Switch & Lever,” Copying physical items is not as easy as copying a piece of paper, you can’t exactly stick it into a copy machine. However, surprisingly technology for how to copy physical objects have come a long way in recent years, and have also become available for those without deep pockets. In this video we’re copying a couple of different objects, using different methods, with different rates of success.”:)


    Linear Advance with Marlin for faster 3D print

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    Linear Advance with Marlin for faster 3D print. Marlin firmware is an Open Source 3D Printer Firmware.:)

    Dr. 3d Printer (3D printers Server Octoprint vs Repetier comparison)

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    According to Ron Place, he is our Dr for Dr. 3D Printer (3D printers Server Octoprint vs Repetier comparison),” This is the video showing a comparison between Octoprint and Repetier Server. They are both great alternatives”.:)



    Gift Box for Valentine Heart (DIY )

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    Valentine Heart Gears

    3D Printed Box Accessories


    3D printer Monoprice valentines heart different material use CAM CNC

    Box :  

    We have selected some of the Box designs if you would like to choose. 🙂


    Printer :

    Monoprice Select

    Mini 3D Printer with heated Build Plate

    Best Feature :  

    This Printer includes Micro SD Card and sample PLA Filament so we don’t have to pay separate for the filament. This is one of the least price 3d printer. Have fun with your Creativity.

    Design :

    CAM / CNC and Laser cutting

    Prize :

    $ 207.96

    Alerts :   Always   Caution for Laser, Chemicals, Equipment, Other Hazardous things. Be                        careful, Use proper precaution for using anything related.
                     Please read manual properly before handling anything. 🙂

    3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) Embedded Software Engineer

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    Embedded Software Engineer

    Regular Full Time  —-13309BR

    California – LitePoint – Sunnyvale HR-CA100

    BSEE or BSCE or equivalent

    C/C++/JavaScript programming

    3-7 years’ experience in embedded multi-threaded infrastructure SW design Experience with the following—developing on Windows, Linux, and embedded RTOS

    Fresh-Pressed Clothes Courtesy of TEO, the Iron Man

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    Fresh-Pressed Clothes Courtesy of TEO, the Iron Man

    Cloth Ironing is a long process. Sometimes doesn’t come out the way it should be. With the help of robots, ironing cloth will be done as soon as link clicks.:)

    As with many tasks, robots may soon be ironing our clothes for us before we leave for work. Built by a team from the University Carlos III de Madrid’s robotics lab in Getafe, Spain, TEO is a highly articulated robot, that can climb stairs, open doors, and has recently added ironing to its skill set. […]

    via Fresh-Pressed Clothes Courtesy of TEO, the Iron Man — Hackaday

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