Singapore Centre for 3D Printing of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Singapore Centre for 3D Printing of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) is a centre of excellence at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, for consolidating cutting edge technology and research in the area of 3D printing. SC3DP hsa secured close to $150m funding from various sources. The goal of SC3DP is to expand in the following industry sectors (1) Future of Manufacturing, (2) Aerospace and Defense, (3)  Building and Construction, and (4) Marine and offshore.  SC3DP provides PhD programmes as well as Master’s programmes for students interested  3D printing.

According to Professor Chua Chee Kai, Executive Director, Singapore Centre for 3D Printing, “Singapore, a place where East meets West, and a place where 3D Printing can be rooted back to the late 1980s, must take leadership in developing new 3D Printing manufacturing technologies and training future 3D Printing engineer leaders, for Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. … By taking advantage of Singapore’s position and strong manufacturing reputation, coupled with anticipating infrastructures and an accessible pool of talents, SC3DP offers an ideal setting in Asia to attract and support global businesses.”


3D Printing Jewelry

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3D Printing Jewelry


Aaron Issac’s Singapore based company, Polychemy is using 3D printers to make jewelry.   Polychemy uses 3D printers to produce a wax mold that is cast into metal.  They analyze traffic on Google to find out what type of jewelry people are searching for.  Then  they develop that type of jewelry.