Dr. 3d Printer( 5 Important things for additive manufacturing )

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Additive Manufacturing.

Editor-in-chief Peter Zelinski The manufacturers who have begun to succeed with 3D printing as a means of production are beginning to see what the ultimate impact of additive manufacturing (AM) might be.

He is giving us five ideas that were not clear before.


1. The greatest freedom might be material freedom.

2. AM will produce products you’ve never seen before.

3. AM is a logistics solution.

4. AM will alter how we think about quality.

5. AM is interrelated with machining.


3D Printing in Space: A Thermoplastic for Additive Manufacturing from Stratasys

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3D  Printing in Space: A Thermoplastic for Additive Manufacturing from Stratasys


Equipment used in space encounters extreme environment, for example, large temperature changes in short periods of time, extreme radiations, and so on.  One problem encountered in space is rapid build-up of electrostatic charge.  To address such conditions, Stratasys Advanced Materials has developed ESD PEKK, a thermoplastic for additive manufacturing that has electrostatic dissipative (ESD) qualities.  The ESD properties combined with excellent mechanical and thermal properties makes ESD PEKK suitable for advanced electronics applications, for example, for use in space.


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