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3D printing and ´Biommimics material.

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According to Stratasys´s Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions, Pat Carey, “Creating a jig or fixture takes two or three hours. Look at some of these projects our customers are working on; look what we just announced with Boom [Supersonic], where they announced that they’re 3D printing a thousand fixtures. If they took three hours each and we can now make that three seconds, you can imagine the savings.”

Customized solutions increase flexibility and customer responsiveness.

Automated Jig And Fixture Generation Eases 3D Printing Onto The Factory Floor

3D printing companies Stratasys and nTopology working together

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According to Stratasys Senior Vice President of Products and Solutions Pat Carey, “nTopology’s software for additive design is a powerful pairing with our additive manufacturing systems, so it was clear we should work together. Our analysis shows manufacturing applications are currently seeing the most growth in our industry, from $2.8 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2025, so we focused our first Collaboration on serving that segment. Companies want to move faster – to be able to adapt to change – and pure digital manufacturing gives them that agility.”

nTopology and Stratasys Collaborate to Automate the Design of Manufacturing Aids for the Factory Floor