World’s first medium/large-scale 3D thermoset printer

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World’s first medium/large-scale 3D thermoset printer installed at ORNL in partnership with Magnum Venus Products.

According to the Bob Vanderhoff, CEO Magnum Venus Products and Moe Khaleel, ORNL Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environmental Sciences,“ Thanks to this innovation, research and development managers will be able to prototype faster and bring products to market faster.
Procurement departments will also enjoy shortened lead time on crucial molds – allowing for rapid deployment. This was made possible through ORNL slicing software that allows the integration of multivariate print process parameters.
We’re pleased to collaborate with MVP on this state-of-the-art printer and look forward to seeing the technology continue to progress and positively impact the additive manufacturing industry.
This collaboration is important for accelerating the pace with which new technologies can be successfully commercialized, leading to a larger range of applications and performance criteria for additively manufactured components, while creating new jobs and increased prosperity in our region.”



3D Printing with plants

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According to ORNL’s Amit Naskar, “To achieve this, we are building on our experience with lignin during the last five years we will continue fine tuning the material’s composition to make it even stronger the research team published details about the patent-pending process in Applied Materials Today.”