3D printed Tauntaun

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According to Mat Luschek from the Medina County Gazette in Medina, Ohio,” he used Elegoo-brand 3D Rapid Resin for the parts. The liquid resin “was designed to significantly reduce printing time with its excellent fluidity. Its great stability and proper hardness guarantee a worry-free printing experience.”


3D printing lets fans revive Star Wars toys


3D Printing News Alert(Ohio officials seek to promote 3D-printing of prosthetics via law change)

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Ohio officials seek to promote 3D-printing of prosthetics via law change.

According to Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, during a Statehouse news conference on Thursday, “Aaron is providing an innovative and creative solution to a problem that he and many other people face, and I don’t want outdated laws to stand in his or anyone else’s way.”
According to some comments from the video,”
Mohammad Samheel
1 month ago
Anyone with a 3D printer can also help others by modifying and 3D printing these prosthetics. It’s available.
1 month ago
Such a simple design no electronic parts why aren’t these being used more.
Ryan K.
1 month ago (edited)
I have a robotics class in my high school, and the entire class has to build some with the tools they learned from previous years. I am the only one that is making a fully functional 3D printed arm.
Saud Md. Munwar
1 month ago
Yes, this man is really working for mankind.
Salut Guillermo Martinez.
Fern F
1 month ago
Bravo! 3D printing can be so much more than toys. This is a wonderful project ❤
Rebecca Isaac
1 month ago
Besides being a good person he is a hero to help those who can not afford expensive robotic limbs…😗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😗😗
Talgat Tursynbekov
1 month ago
Robotic Hand building is tough.
1 month ago
So a young guy who took a 3D design from the internet and is giving a custom printed version to people around the world for free, comments are praising him like a god wtf.”




3D Printers Eyes

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3D Printers Eyes. ‘Machine Learning’ will give 3D Printers eyes.
According to Randy Rausch, a senior engineer in embedded computing at GE Research, “Through the integration of edge computing, we have given the 3D printer ‘digital eyes’ to track each layer of every build. We want the manufacturer to know in real time whether a part build is good or has to be scrapped. We already have come so far working closely with GE Additive,” Rausch says. What’s allowing us to move so fast is both the digital and physical expertise we’re bringing to their technology”.