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3D Printing News Alert(ORNL’s 3D printing creativity)

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According to the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL’s Brian Post, the project’s advanced manufacturing engineer, Diana Hun, lead buildings researcher on the project. We didn’t know if 3D-printed molds could be made to work for the precast industry. But we thought it was worthwhile to examine the potential.
With the Domino project, the challenge was to find the right solution for a job that required durable molds that could be used numerous times. We proved that each 3D printed mold could cast at least 200 concrete parts, which was key to meeting the project’s schedule.
Each mold takes between 8 to 11 hours to print and 8 hours to the machine to the desired surface finish”.


3D Printing and more ( Jobs )(3-D BIM Design Intern)

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3-D BIM Design Intern


• Currently Pursuing an Associate Degree in CAD technology, CAD drafting, solids modeling, or related field
• 3.0 GPA or higher
• AutoCAD skills
• Professional demeanor
• Detail and accuracy oriented
• Ability to communicate thoughts and technical ideas in an accessible way
• Attitude of taking initiative, Enthusiasm, Eagerness to learn

Job Number: NEW0000EJ
Category: CAD

New York, New York, United States

Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo

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Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo
In this Conference they are using Eco friendly and Organic material for health related things.
New York, March 14-15,2017



3DPrint360: Providing Affordable Access to 3D Printers

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3DPrint360: Providing Affordable Access to 3D Printers

According to the 3DPrint360,” it is a New York-based startup that aims to provide affordable access to 3D printers for schools, homes, and businesses.  3DPrint360 provides access to new, refurbished, and used 3d printers as well as 3D printing materials, installation and servicing agreements related to 3D printers.

3DPrint360 works with schools to ensure that they procure the right 3d printers, materials and tools for their needs.  They provide schools with a dedicated installation and maintenance agent that provides any needed support and maintenance help. For people who are not ready to purchase and own a 3D printer, 3DPrint360 provides access to 3D printer rentals (presently for customers in Tri-State area).

According to Zach Lichaa, Founder and CEO of 3DPrint360 “It is our simple belief that more interaction with 3d printing will positively affect industry, education, the environment and society as a whole. Accordingly, we work every day to provide knowledgeable, affordable and welcoming access to the technology for our clients around the world”.:)

3DPrint360 Brings 3D Printing Full-Circle with Used 3D Printer Marketplace