Solar-powered 3D printer for making glass objects from the sand.

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According to the SLS (selective laser sintering) designer and researcher Markus Kayser,” The machine and the results of these first experiments presented here represent the initial significant steps towards what I envisage as a new solar-powered production tool of great potential. This is one of the processes used by 3D printers. The SLS process uses powdered raw materials such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramic. A laser is directed at the powdered material to selectively fuse the material. Layers of the fused material are created to form a 3D object.¨

Markus Kayser, a designer, and researcher born in Germany used the idea behind the SLS technology to develop solar sinter, a 3D printer that uses sand as the powdered raw material and solar energy to produce glass objects. Both solar energy and sand are available in abundance for free. So once a solar sinter is made, an unlimited supply of 3D objects can be created for free.

The first solar sinter was manually operated and tested in the Moroccan desert in 2011. A larger and fully-automated computer-driven solar sinter was subsequently developed and tested in Egypt, near the Sahara desert in 2012. This is brilliant and thought to provoke an experiment.

Solar Sinter Project.