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3D Printing supremacy the emerging trending Stratasys, Nano Dimension

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The race for dominance in the 3D printing industry has reached new heights as companies vie for control over the most valuable player in the market, Stratasys. With its impressive revenue and the largest market share among pure-play 3D printing companies, Stratasys has become a highly sought-after acquisition target. The battle for Stratasys is far from straightforward, as legal disputes, activist investors, and various obstacles complicate the potential merger plans.
Stratasys and 3D Systems are the two leading players in the publicly traded 3D printing market. With its substantial revenue of $651.5 million in 2022, Stratasys holds the crown for the highest revenue among pure-play 3D printing companies. Additionally, it boasts the largest market share in the industry, making it an attractive prospect for potential mergers and acquisitions. The competition for Stratasys’ assets and market dominance has attracted the interest of Desktop Metal and 3D Systems and Nano Dimension.
Nano Dimension, a small but well-funded Israeli firm, has emerged as a significant player. Despite its modest size, Nano Dimension amassed over $1 billion in cash through several public offerings of common stock, providing substantial financial resources for its operations. With Cathie Wood’s ARK Investment Management pulling out as its largest institutional investor, Nano Dimension faced a turning point. Canadian investor Murchinson Ltd. stepped in, acquiring a significant stake in Nano Dimension and igniting further competition. The presence of this well-funded adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing battle for 3D printing supremacy.
The battle for control over Stratasys, the most valuable player in the 3D printing industry, has taken center stage in the evolving landscape of additive manufacturing. As companies like Desktop Metal, 3D Systems, and Nano Dimension vie for control, the competition has been riddled with legal disputes, activist investors, and various obstacles to the future of Stratasys. Still, it also influences the direction of the entire 3D printing industry.

Michael Molitch-Hou,

The Battle Over 3D Printing’s Most Valuable Company.