3D printed Mic Mac.

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According to Leslie Trout, Product Manager at McDonald’s,” that the ingredients of 3D Mic Mac will all be printed in 3D, from meat, onions, to tomatoes and bread. The sauce will be the only component to be added by hand – its viscosity did not allow it to be extruded optimally. We are working with a European manufacturer of food 3D printers who has developed various machine prototypes for us, adapted to our current needs. The challenge was the consistency of our ingredients, which was different every time – our partner designed a nozzle capable of extruding these mixtures and above all a tray that adhered to the materials.”



McDonald’s will offer completely 3D printed burgers by 2020

High-resolution, biodegradable 3D printing resin

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According to Andre Simpson, a professor at U of T Scarborough’s department of physical and environmental sciences and researchers at the University of Toronto,” turned waste cooking oil – from the deep fryers of a local McDonald’s – into a high-resolution, biodegradable 3D printing resin. Because we’re using what is essentially a natural product – in this case fats from cooking oil – nature can deal with it much better.”



University of Toronto

U of T researchers turn McDonald’s deep fryer oil into high-end 3D printing resin

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