3D printed vase

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According to Kwambio, ¨they are a 3D Printing company focused on ceramics.

They mentioned materials and techniques are changing an established ceramic industry, our manufacturing process has pushed aside the boundaries between design and reality, allowing for the creation of objects exactly as you intend them to be.¨

3D Printed rocket engine combustion chamber

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Engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center state that “it records the test-firing of a 3D-printed combustion chamber. Researchers are exploring advanced additive manufacturing solutions, introducing higher-performing alloys and refined printing processes.”
We are curious, so from some comments,
3D printed? From what material? How?
What kind of printer? Is there a video of printing this engine?
How does one hemisphere constitute one chamber?

NASA. (2019, June 25). NASA and Virgin Orbit 3D Print Test Rocket Combustion Chamber. NASA.