Marshall Space Flight Center

3D printed building on the moon

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The Olympus Construction System’s CEO Jason Ballard started to research and development on ICON’s ‘Project Olympus.’
In this project, Building humanity’s first home on another world will be the most ambitious construction project in human history and will push science, engineering, technology, and architecture to literal new heights.’
ICON is a partner with NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama to test a variety of processing and printing technologies using simulated lunar soil.

As we know, NASA Announces Virtual 3D-Printed Mars Habitats a couple of years ago.

3D Printed Rocket Engine Combustion Chamber

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According to Engineers at Marshall Space Flight Center, “it records the test-firing of a 3D-printed combustion chamber. Researchers are exploring advanced additive manufacturing solutions, introducing higher-performing alloys and refined printing processes.”
We are curious, so from some comments,
3D printed? From what material? How?
What kind of printer? Is there a video of printing this engine?
How does one hemisphere constitute one chamber?