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Dr. 3d Printer(Removable magnetic 3D printing surface)

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According to Angus,” He is from Maker’s Muse. He is the Dr. 3D printer for our research category. Whenever I 3D print any object it always gets stuck over the surface and breaks the object.
It is a good idea to use removable magnetic 3D printing surface. I am using the comments for my post or using cotton fabric as a 3d printed surface for the very inexpensive way. In the USA it’s possible to purchase magnetic vent covers in hardware stores like Home Depot or OSH or building stores. They are designed to cover the heating or cooling vents in your house. They’re just large flexible sheets of magnetic material.
In Australia, you can buy from the A4 sized magnetic sheet from Officeworks for $5.
you can also get self-adhesive neodymium sheets with a much stronger pull but are good to 100 degrees. There are also higher temp but lower pull sheets, but usually flexible sheets they tend to use a grade of vinyl that starts to deform around 125 degrees or so. Also, Spring temper carbon steel is often sold as hardened shim stock sheets, which you can get a little cheaper occasionally and are usually toleranced well for thickness (if it is flat… sometimes it is cut off a roll and a little bowed). If you can find a hardened piece of 1095 steel that happens to be flat, that’ll work too. “sample sheet” packs which are often 4”-6” square and are only a few bucks.
some users use the buildtak removable heat bed and the sprint steel is really high-quality stuff.
Some people use I use a sheet of 6mm acrylic held down with clips.
Some other viewers are using the sheet of 300 x 300 spring steel for about 16 GBP, around 30 AUD for you, you have to order it and it is laser cut for whatever size you want, China will be next LOL, RobUK”.:)


Dr. 3D Printer smooth and shiny product

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Dr. 3D Printer smooth and shiny product

In the Dr. 3D Printer series we use new ideas and innovations. How to make 3d printing easy.

When we make 3d printed products, they are not so smooth and shiny. We found how can we make our products more look like they came out from factory, or we made it at home.

Today we are learning about how to make our products shiny and smooth.

In this video Maker’s Muse is our Dr. and he is going to give us advise about making shiny smooth product. :)