The liberty robotic surgical system for Endovascular procedures in the EU

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Endovascular robotics advancements as Microbot Medical take its Liberty Robotic Surgical System one step closer to the European Union market. The company is preparing to obtain EU Medical Device Regulation certification. Under the guidance of Harel Gadot, the CEO of Microbot Medical, the Liberty system has shown exceptional promise through multiple successful pre-clinical studies involving leading European interventional radiologists. This revolutionary single-use endovascular robotic system is set to redefine how catheterization procedures are performed, providing enhanced stability and efficiency based on compelling pre-clinical study results. This pre-clinical medical device company is setting new standards in the industry by introducing a single-use endovascular robotic system that promises to revolutionize catheterization procedures. The company’s commitment to quality and compliance as it engages with a notified body for EU Medical Device Regulation certification.
The Liberty Robotic Surgical System eliminates the need for large capital equipment, making endovascular procedures more accessible and cost-effective. Also, the Liberty system reduces radiation exposure during procedures and provides a high degree of stability, enhancing physician performance. EU can benefit from using the Liberty system, streamlining endovascular processes, and optimizing patient care with the Liberty Robotic surgical system, from reduced costs to improved patient outcomes.

MDDI Staff | Jul 26, 2023.Endovascular Robot Takes First Steps Toward EU Market.

3D Printing upcoming events, Conferences(Formlabs User Summit)

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