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3D Printing News Alert (What will the future of manufacturing by 2050)

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According to Innovate UK, “What will the future of manufacturing be like?
Advances in 3D Printing and additive manufacturing will reduce waste, even more, making it possible to create products and components that we can’t make now. Everything will be connected by the Internet of Things to ensure that supply can keep track of changes in demand. Robots will take care of the repetitive, dangerous processes so that people can focus on matters where human interaction is so valuable. So whether you are a manufacturer or a consumer, we are going to see much more manufacturing as part of our everyday lives. Anything, anywhere In the next 30 years, we will see manufacturing become more and more unbound from the idea of factories as we know them today. It will be freed up to appear in new locations, becoming an empowering force that drives customization and personalization of products across multiple sectors. All of this thanks to 3D printing innovation.
3D Printing will drive a true paradigm shift for manufacturing, away from the mass production in a distant factory to something that happens right in front of you, creating a bespoke product for the same cost”.