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3D Printing´s habitat raises 207 million

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According to co-founder Jason Ballard, “The Austin-based construction startup has already used 3D printing technology to build more than two dozen homes and structures, is now working with NASA to develop habitats on the Moon and eventually Mars, and has printed barracks for the Texas Military Department. We’re trying to attract an elite, diverse team of scientists, engineers, architects, and operators. Humanity benefits tremendously if we find a better way to build and dent in the housing crisis.¨

Austin 3D Printing Company Icon Lands $207 Million to Continue Rapid Growth.” MSN, 6 Apr. 2022, Austin 3D-printing company Icon lands $207 million to continue rapid growth. And Austin 3D-printing company Icon lands $207 million to continue rapid growth.

3D printing building buildings on the moon

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According to Jason Ballard, co-founder, and CEO of ICON, “Building humanity’s first home on another world will be the most ambitious construction project in human history and will push science, engineering, technology, and architecture to literally new heights. NASA’s investment in space-age technologies like this can not only help to advance humanity’s future in space but also solve very real, vexing problems we face on Earth. We are honored to begin our research and development on ICON’s “Project Olympus” and the “Olympus Construction System.”


ICON Receives Funding From NASA and Launches “PROJECT OLYMPUS” to Reach for the Stars with Off-world Construction System for the Moon