3D print Engineering with Arduino

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Would you like to make your cell phone or mp3. Arduino is an open-source hardware, software and content platform with a global community. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.

the Arduino board started changing to adapt to new needs and challenges, differentiating its offer from simple 8-bit boards to products for IoT applications, wearable, 3D printing, and embedded environments.

According to David Cuartielles, he is Arduino’s Co-founder, “Back in 2012, I was given the challenge of bringing project-based learning to my first group of upper secondary schools in Spain. I realized at the time that almost no one was addressing the needs of educators when introducing curriculum. Therefore, I decided that we had to put educators at the center of our concept and help them find creative ways to use technology in the classroom. Arduino Education is not just about making interesting projects with students, it is also about getting acquainted with developing technologies and new methods of teaching.”.



3D Printable porous hybrid material Could Remove Pollutants from Air and Water

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A new porous hybrid material derived From Silica Fume and Alginate for Sustainable Pollutants Reduction

The versatility of the new material is also demonstrated in terms of its design and manufacturing possibilities In addition, this material can be printed in 3D. Finally, preliminary results about its ability to capture diesel exhaust particulate matter are reported. The sample exposed to diesel contains a large amount of carbon in its surface. At the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that hybrid porous materials are proposed as a new class of sustainable materials, produced to reduce pollutants in the waste waters and in the atmosphere.

New low-cost, sustainable material for reducing air and water pollution

3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) Junior Headhunter Rewarding Career

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NonStop Recruitment, one of the fastest growing recruitment firms, is a collection of specialist niche consultancies providing expert support to the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemical, care, education, technical, and digital sectors across Europe.


Junior Headhunter Rewarding Career –

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IT Helpdesk – Part time role – students welcome

Prague, Czech Republic
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