3D-printed business is on Etsy

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According to Conny Chavez, Christian Nunez decided to start his business in 3D printing to give his mind positive thinking in this mandatory stay-at-home time.

He is a second-year plant science student from West Covina at Cal Poly Pomona.
Christian Nunezś 3D-printed business is on Etsy.

3D printed two-story house

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Kamp C

Emiel Ascione, project manager at Kamp C said about, 3D printed two-story house. these 3D printed are in one piece. for building these kinds of houses they use a fixed 3D concrete printer. The project manager also mentioned they build the entire building on the site.
As mentioned by Marijke Aerts, project manager at Kamp C, the 3D printed house is a stronger house in comparison to a brick house.

3D Concrete Printers