Mindset about 3d printing

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Mindset about 3d printing

3d printing is being used in almost every field: medicine, food industry, fashion, dental, automobiles, and so on.  As  technology advances, 3d printing will become more important.

As soon as technology will improve 3d printing will rise.  This is a quote (comment) from a reader.

If you have any comments or ideas or events related to Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, or 3d Printing or any 3D Printing Conference & Expo please let us know.  We will try to publish here.

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3D Printing conference Pittsburg

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3D Printing conference Pittsburgh

This conference is about accelerating 3d manufacturing.We have little bit knowledge about using 3d printing in hospitals and 3d printed medical devices. We can more explore in this conference.

May 8-11,2017.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA

3D Scanning the Roberto Clemente Bridge

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3D Scanning the Roberto Clemente Bridge

We have good amount of knowledge about 3d printing technology. We are eager to know more advancement about 3d printing, and now scanning of Roberto Clemente Bridge.

Dr. 3D Printer -3D Printing Stop Wasting Plastic on Infill Percentage

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Dr. 3D Printer

3D Printing Stop Wasting Plastic on Infill Percentage

In our Dr. 3D Printer series we always try to have some new information or research based thing. Or little FUN sometimes.

We always don’t know what we are going to do for the plastic waste. With the help of this video, we are going to learn how can we use waste plastic. 🙂

Earn Money with 3D Printer Series- Own a 3D Printer? Prepare for 3D Print Requests

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Earn Money with 3D Printer Series-

Own a 3D Printer? Prepare for 3D Print Requests

In this era, we have so many new ideas and innovations. In our Earn money series we will try to give new ideas how to make money. We are new for this idea. So please use it carefully. We are sharing this video. This is new technology for several  communities. Thanks. 🙂

Worlds Fair Nano

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Worlds Fair Nano

In this Worlds fair Nano, is filled with several Innovations. Such as 3D Printing,  Drones Virtual Reality and over 50 companies.

Beast – 3D Printing with VR

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Beast – 3D Printing with VR

It’s Beast’s (Mark Zuckerberg’s dog) 6th birthday! A few weeks ago, an artist at Oculus designed and printed a 3D sculpture in VR. Beast was pretty confused,…

The 11th SME SV Conference in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley

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The 11th SME SV Conference in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley

The 11th SME SV Conference has the theme Transforming the Future – IoT, 3D Printing, and Robotics.  This conference is going to address the rapidly developing topics of 3D Printing, Robotics, Artificial intelligence among others.  Participants will be able to interact with 3D Printing, robotics, and laser equipment as well as attend a career fair to explore career opportunities.  Topics covered include medical robotics, new innovations, 3D bio printing, 3D printing .  The conference is on June 9, 2016, at Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.