Historic Restoration

Restoring history Milledgeville, mansion reimagined with preservation and 3D Printing.

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Sheppard, a Sandersville native, shares insights into the meticulous restoration process, revealing a plastic 3D print of a scan that captured the intricate molding details adorning the mansion’s front room. While acknowledging that certain modifications wouldn’t align with preservation standards today, Sheppard emphasizes that 95% of the mansion remains authentic to its historical roots.

One notable alteration involved reimagining the floor plan to create a spacious bathroom, demonstrating a thoughtful blend of preservation and modern functionality. The mansion, boasting a Milledgeville federal style, captivates visitors with a grand staircase at its core, a creation by Daniel Pratt and John Marlor, renowned architects behind several downtown houses.

Spanning 7,000 square feet with vaulted ceilings reaching 14 feet, the mansion exudes a sense of vastness and historical significance. What was once a private residence has now transformed into an event space and sought-after wedding venue. Sheppard’s commitment to preservation extends beyond restoration; he invites people to experience the rich history by offering the mansion as a lodging option, ensuring that the tales embedded within its walls continue to be shared. Step inside and explore the vibrant spaces, such as the “peekaboo coral” room, as Sheppard narrates the mansion’s journey from a historical relic to a place where history and modern experiences seamlessly intertwine. The mansion stands not only as a testament to the past but as a living space where history is celebrated, shared, and experienced.

As the Milledgeville mansion opens its doors to a new era, blending traditional charm with contemporary relevance, it exemplifies the power of preservation and the subtle integration of 3D printing technology in honoring architectural heritage.