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Capturing athletic brilliance 3D-Printed figurines

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In a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and athletic prowess, Chinese hurdling sensation Wu Yanni received a captivating birthday surprise during the 31st FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China. Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of this global sporting event, Wu was gifted a lifelike 3D-printed figurine, capturing her in stunning detail with the emblematic Rongbao mascot and a torch held gracefully in her hands. From July 22 to Aug 11, members of the Chengdu Universiade delegations commemorated their birthdays uniquely. A compact yet dynamic 3D photo studio housed within the Sci-tech Services Workstation of the Universiade Village became a portal of innovation. Harnessing the prowess of 82 cameras, the studio employed AI modeling to capture individuals from diverse angles within seconds. Intricate 3D models were born through this technological ballet, eventually manifesting as beautifully crafted figurines via photosensitive resin printing.

Gu Li, an artisan at the studio, revealed that these 3D-printed marvels typically stand at heights of 9 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, and 18 cm. Unquestionably, the larger versions amplify the stunning intricacies of each figurine, immersing recipients in a tactile and visual feast. The souvenir figurines, presented in the 18 cm variant, hold a unique characteristic — they defy the passage of time, maintaining their vibrancy and charm for generations to come. Across the spectrum of athletic disciplines, these figurines serve as more than mere trinkets. They encapsulate the dedication, agility, and grace that define each athlete’s journey. Singaporean rhythmic gymnasts, Polish athletes, and champions worldwide share signature poses, freezing moments of triumph and exuberance. These tangible celebrations of athleticism and camaraderie are imbued with a distinct Chinese flavor. He Xingcheng, the business director of SW 3D, the driving force behind this innovation, believes these figurines are not just souvenirs. They are ambassadors of technology and culture, traversing borders as cherished emissaries of the Universiade.

As the world applauds the prowess of athletes, it simultaneously applauds the seamless harmony between innovation and celebration that defines the Chengdu Universiade. Just as the 3D-printed figurines immortalized moments of athletic excellence, consider how your business can leverage emerging technologies to create unique and cherished connections with your audience.

PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire. 3D-printed figurines chased after by athletes at Chengdu Universiade.