Giant Raspberry Pi 4

Giant Raspberry Pi 4 shines bright with 3D-Printed LED

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The Raspberry Pi 4 to a whole new level the making of a Giant Pi, how Toby Roberts brought this enormous Raspberry Pi 4 to life, six times the size of the original, using a combination of laser cutting, etching, and 3D-printing techniques.
The role of 3D printing in bringing the Giant Raspberry Pi to reality, with digital designs and CAD applications making the components come to life.
Toby 3D-prints a giant LED powered by 12 NeoPixels and a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Giant Fake 470 Ohm Resistor: Delight in the tiny details that make this project exceptional, including the giant fake resistor that completes the LED setup.
Inspired by Toby Roberts’ incredible Giant Raspberry Pi 4 project, embrace bold ideas and push the boundaries of creativity in your ventures. Just like this masterpiece, focus on precision and attention to detail, and deliver exceptional value.