HRE3D+ 3D Printed Titanium Wheel

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HRE3D+ 3D Printed Titanium Wheel. They first started 16 pounds for a 20-inch wheel, and 19 pounds for a 21-inch.
According to HRE President/CEO Alan Peltier, “We’re proud to be breaking new ground in wheel manufacturing with the updated HRE3D+ wheels. HRE utilize the brand’s 3D-printed multiple additive manufacturing systems ‘Direct Metal Laser Melting’ (DMLM). Working with GE Additive has given us access to some truly cutting-edge technology, and we’re exploring the future of wheel technology together with tools that will continue to evolve over the next few years. We can’t wait to see what we’re able to accomplish next”.



GE research world’s 1st Quantum Secure ‘Blockchain’ for Securing digital transactions in 3D printing

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GE research world’s 1st Quantum-Secure Blockchain for Securing Digital Transactions in 3D Printing.
According to Benjamin Beckmann, GE Research’s Blockchain Leader,” that a blockchain-enabled supply chain provides an ideal framework for managing these additive transactions reliably and securely.
The demonstration of Blockchain for Additive is an excellent use case to build out our blockchain framework. We can create networks that allow for fine-grain control of materials flows, data, intellectual property and identity along with the entire additive digital thread. The goal here is to provide security for the entire additive process from powder to print.”

3D Printers Eyes

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3D Printers Eyes. ‘Machine Learning’ will give 3D Printers eyes.
According to Randy Rausch, a senior engineer in embedded computing at GE Research, “Through the integration of edge computing, we have given the 3D printer ‘digital eyes’ to track each layer of every build. We want the manufacturer to know in real time whether a part build is good or has to be scrapped. We already have come so far working closely with GE Additive,” Rausch says. What’s allowing us to move so fast is both the digital and physical expertise we’re bringing to their technology”.