3D Printing is helping someone in need

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3D printing is helping someone in need. It’s heartwarming to hear that undergraduate student Arie Aviksis went out of his way to help a mother in need. It’s always inspiring to hear about individuals who use their skills and knowledge to positively impact someone else’s life.
That’s amazing! Aviksis is using 3D printing skills; it is not only helped Cohen’s son but has also shown the future of technology in providing solutions to unique problems.

This also admires Arie Aviksis is helping Laura Rosen Cohen and her son, despite the obstacles of distance and technology. These acts of kindness remind us that we can all make a difference, regardless of the gesture’s size. We must look out for those around us and lend a helping hand when we can.

The fact that Cohen could not find the part anywhere else highlights the importance of personalized medicine and the need for individualized patient solutions. With advancing technology like 3D printing, we may see more innovative and customized patient solutions.

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MIE Undergraduate Arie Aviksis Touches Caregiving Parent “Long-distance” Through His 3D Printing Skills.