3 D Printed Food cook and serve Pancakes, Cookies, Chocolate(Chew )

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3 D Printed Food cook and serve Pancakes, Cookies, Chocolate(Chew )

This is FUN for kids to make all kinds of favorite  food. 🙂


3D Activity Case


3D Printing Dessert Chew ( Cake Topper)

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3D Printing Dessert Chew ( Cake Topper)

Possibilities are unlimited when we think about 3D Printing. Now a days we are using 3d Printing in almost in every field, so now what about beautiful DESSERT 🙂


3D Food Printer (Chew) Cookies

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3D Food Printer (Chew) Cookies

Do u have any cookie design in your mind, but it is hard to make or taking so much time.

Now Deniz is going to demonstrate with the help  of XYZ 3d food printer.

Recipe already set up for user friendly purpose. We can bake  food simultaneously inside the printer or we can bake in Oven. 🙂


3 D Printed Food (Chew ) with living organisms

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3 D Printed Food (Chew ) with living organisms

Food designer Chloé Rutzerveld has developed a concept for “healthy and sustainable” 3D-printed snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms for flavour.

“Edible growth is exploring how 3D printing could transform the food industry,” she says in the movie. “It is about 3D printing with living organisms, which will develop into a fully grown edible.”

“As it comes out of the 3D printer you can really see the straight lines of the technology,” she says. “But as it develops, you can see organic shapes. You can see the stages of growth and the development of taste and flavor.”

“By 3D printing food you can make the production chain very short, the transport will be less, there is less land needed,” says Rutzerveld.”But also you can experiment with new structures. You can surprise the consumer with new food and things that haven’t been done before.”

3d Printing using Photoshop

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3d Printing using Photoshop

We all know about Photoshop, but using Photoshop in 3d printing is little bit different.

We need to have experts knowledge for using Photoshop. Mr. Ryan Kittleson is creator for this course. 🙂

3 D Printed Food (Chew ) Burger

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3 D Printed Food (Chew ) Burger



The Foodini is 3d printing food Company, who always creates delicious food. 🙂


Mindset Comments

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Mindset Comments

Mindset Comments are the collection of 3d printing things. This is because we love 3d printing and want to encourage what can be done by 3d printing. How much we liked it.

Your suggestions beneficial for next generation, Thanks.

We’d like to give a shout-out to all our loyal fans.:)

















3d Printed food ( pasta )

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3d Printed food ( pasta )


3d printed food is well know. We love to eat pasta in different forms. almost every country has some kind of pasta or related food.

Pasta comes in different shapes, but when we want to make our own design based pasta its little bit hard for some of us.

Now we can use our own design,shapes or color Pasta. 🙂

For more information about 3D Printer (Pasta). Foodini has more information.

Please send E mail to,

Dr. 3 D Printer (Why 3d printed food is GOOD FOR HEALTH )

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Dr. 3 D Printer (Why 3d printed food is GOOD FOR HEALTH )


In our Dr. 3D Printer series Ms. Lynette Kucsma is explaining why we should start loving 3d printing for our food.

3d printers for food will be so commonly use in few years, we will start using as we use our Microwave or some countries they start using Oven or Cooking Gas.