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Mindset about 3d printing

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Mindset about 3d printing

3d printing is being used in almost every field: medicine, food industry, fashion, dental, automobiles, and so on.  As  technology advances, 3d printing will become more important.

As soon as technology will improve 3d printing will rise.  This is a quote (comment) from a reader.

If you have any comments or ideas or events related to Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, or 3d Printing or any 3D Printing Conference & Expo please let us know.  We will try to publish here.

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Free CAD software

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Free CAD software

We all like 3d printing. Because we are exploring more and more.

We should design our own ideas without spending extra money for buying software.

Here is free software for CAD. 🙂

3D Printing in STEM curriculum

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3D Printing in STEM curriculum


Pitsco Education is a company that provides science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classroom solutions.  Afinia a 3D printer supplier has teamed with Pitsco to enable 3D printing in classrooms.  Pitsco provides 3 week courses that can be incorporated in any STEm curriculum.  They offer a vehicle engineering kit that allows students to 3D print vehicle parts.  Another project comes with a free software called 123D Creat.  Students use the software to make objects such as medallions and game pieces.  Pitsco is further exploring ways to incorporate 3D printing into English and language arts, for example, by 3D printing characters and letting students write stories about the characters.