A family permanently lives in a 3D-printed home

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A family permanently lives in a 3D-printed home, take a look at the ‘Yhnova project’ in France, according to Ville de Nantes, “Nantes has provided the site for a house, Yhnova Batiprint3D™, built in just a few days, thanks to a 3D printer. This innovation, of the University of Nantes, was made possible thanks to the pooling of know-how of different partners: scientists, industrialists, public and socio-economic actors.”

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Rocio Dos Santos
3 months ago
Do they keep the foam once the concrete is dry? I did not understand that part. Thanks in advance.


Research at Université de Nantes

A French family just became the first to permanently live in a 3D-printed home — take a look

Prodways 3D printing materials

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According to Prodways, “UV polymerization technology is designed to work with premium liquid resins, and also with composites in the form of pastes that contain high levels of ceramic, metal, fibers, or nano-particles and liquid resins, ceramic resins, polymer powders, Prodways is constantly working to develop new materials with unique mechanical properties (resistance and elasticity), physical properties, aesthetic properties (color and transparency, for example), and stability over time”.