The future of Mars will be 3D

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The future of Mars will be 3D




Growing up in Jakarta’s polluted slums, Vera Mulyani loved building things. As a child, she dreamed of becoming an architect. More than two decades later, Mulyani is a self-proclaimed “Marschitect,” and spends her time brainstorming how human life might be sustained on the red planet. After studying at École d’Architecture de Nantes in France and […]

via The future of Mars will be 3D-printed in the Mojave Desert — Quartz


3D Printing for Aircraft Components

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3D Printing for Aircraft Components


3D printing allows airlines to increase fuel efficiency by decreasing weights of parts at low cost.  Airbus has selected Stratasys technology to use 3D printing build parts for their aircrafts.  This technology was demonstrated at the Paris Air Show which was held in Paris, France from June 15th to June 21, 2015. 3D printing allows creation of parts with complex geometries used in aircrafts.  The technology is used for manufacturing interior components of aircrafts.